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    610 W. Western Avenue

    Muskegon, MI 49440

    (231) 798-1546

    NON-PROFIT  Charter Request and Acceptance of Terms

    Please Note: Filling out and submitting this form does not guarantee a reservation. *Indicates required information.



    INVOICE AND PAYMENT:  Non-Profit Charter services are billed at the rate of $120.00 per hour, with a two (2) hour minimum charge, plus travel time to and from our garage facility in Muskegon Heights to your venue.  Payment in full is required within 30 days of acceptance of your application, and prior to your event, as a condition of the reservation.  An invoice will be initiated based upon the information provided in this Charter Request.  Service that extends beyond the expected times, or charges for cleaning and damages, will be assessed and billed to the responsible party after the event.  Please make your check payable to Muskegon Trolley Company.

    Terms and Conditions of Charter Service:

    1. Reservation becomes effective when payment in full is made and accepted.

    2. Decorations must not interfere with the drivers view, or deface trolley finish, and must be removed by you after the function. No tape or tacks of any kind may be used.  Any extraordinary cleaning will be charged to the responsible party at the hourly rate.

    3. Alcoholic beverages are permitted on board provided guests are of legal drinking age. Cans and plastic bottles are preferred.  Glass bottles are discouraged and Kegs are not allowed.  Smoking is prohibited on the trolley.

    4. Vehicle damage caused by the rental party will be charged to the person signing this contract.

    5. No refunds for rentals canceled less than 30 days in advance.

    6. If a scheduling error is made or the vehicle experiences mechanical failure, and we are unable to provide a replacement, you are entitled only to a refund of money paid.

    7. Muskegon Trolley Company reserves the right to substitute the vehicle reserved with a trolley of a different size or color.

    8. All charges are computed from the time the vehicle leaves the garage until it returns. Travel time is calculated in 15 minute increments, to and from your venue: not combined.

    9. It is the responsibility of the customer, not the driver, to be aware of the time so as not to incur added charges for service extending beyond expected time.

    Please sign that you have read this form and agree to all conditions.


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